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New Patients at Andrew Gorman Chiropractic

What to Expect

Handing over paperworkWhen you come to Andrew Gorman Chiropractic you’ll find that Dr Andrew (Chiropractor) and his wife will always do what they can to make you feel welcome.

We’ll ask you to fill in our new patient paperwork. There are five pages of mostly tick-box questions. If you already have x-rays, scans or reports on your condition, please bring them with you along with a list of medication you are currently taking. It’s best if you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes in which you can move easily. We don’t normally ask you to undress or put a gown on.

Consultation and Examination

When you see Dr Andrew, he’ll go through your medical history and explain how he’ll work with you. He’ll carry out a thorough spinal examination, as well as 60-70 orthopaedic and chiropractic tests to see what is causing your pain or discomfort. Once that’s finished, he’ll usually conduct some form of treatment, be it spinal adjustment, muscular work or organ adjustment.

At this stage, an x-ray may be necessary. If so, Dr Andrew will refer you to a local clinic that bulk bills. Not all cases will require x-rays. Expect this visit to last 20-45 minutes.

Report of Findings

After reviewing your medical history and performing your physical examination, Dr Andrew will draw up a report of findings. This will be in two parts, so at the end of your initial consultation he’ll ask you to make two appointments. In the first of these he will explain your x-rays and his findings as well as continuing treatment. This usually includes spinal adjustments, home stretches & exercises as well as some soft-tissue work. At the second appointment, in addition to treatment, Dr Andrew will sit down with you to work out an appropriate treatment plan based on how you are responding to treatment so far.

Care Plan and Follow-up Visits

The care plan may involve very few visits to the practice or a larger number 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly you are responding to treatment. None of your follow-up visits will last as long as the previous ones but if you need more time please let us know. Sometimes Dr Andrew will need more time with you and will let you know in advance. There are no additional fees or costs for longer appointments.

For relief from pain call us and we’ll help you feel healthier. 0405 726 096

New Patients at Andrew Gorman Chiropractic | 0405 726 096